Today, institutions are emerging as a place where pupils spend a lot of time and hence, need food service facilities. At schools, colleges and universities, canteens have become an integral part of their existence. One cannot think of an institution without a well-laid canteen having a proper kitchen. Therefore, kitchen department needs to be up-to-date with proper installations of LPG gas pipeline, exhaust systems along with commercial kitchen equipment. We fit in aptly in this segment as the commercial kitchen equipment for educational institutions kitchens.

CKI focuses on creating a secure kitchen environment in schools, colleges, messes and universities, and aims to become the leading educational institutions kitchen equipment manufacturer in Delhi NCR.

CKI’s kitchen equipment is identical; therefore hotel management students, specifically, get a consistent experience while learning to prepare dishes no matter where they are placed. This is a critical point for daily training of students, as well as for teachers while administering examinations and competitions, for example in the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), in order to get the same results consistently.

Our natural tendency is to improve our performance and quality with each passing year has taken us way ahead of our nearest competitor. Our consistent quality, best equipment design, vast market coverage and the number of years of experience have made us a cutting-edge brand over our competitors. We, as one of the university kitchen equipment manufacturer companies in India, have always been at the forefront of delivering quality kitchen equipment over our competitors primarily because of our inherent ability to meet customers’ needs.  One of our clients is Noida International University.