Eating out today is a casual affair unlike what it used to be a decade ago. These days, eating out is a luxury as well as lifestyle need, which has given rise to a number of eating joints across cities in the country. India’s gastronomical approach has changed and with it the dining business has changed too. Nowadays, food courts are a common sight. Where there’s food, there’s CKI, and more importantly, as the commercial kitchen equipment for food courts.

At CKI, we manufacture food courts kitchen equipment with a complete range of gas & electrically operated equipment for the preparation area, cooking area, dish washing area, refrigeration area, storage area, dining area, etc.

CKI offers a full range of commercial kitchen equipment for food courts that includes everything from cooking equipment to dine-in furniture. We have an extensive range of bakery equipment as well.

Our designing factor of food court kitchens allows us to line up with the best of commercial kitchen equipment, creating an ease to complement any personal cooking convenience. All of this is to bring more benefit all of our customers who respect us as the foremost food court kitchen equipment manufacturer in India.

Our consistent quality, best equipment design, vast market coverage, catering experience to many clients’ needs for quality commercial kitchen equipment and the number of years of experience have made us a cutting-edge brand over our competitors. We have always been at the forefront of delivering quality kitchen equipment over our competitors primarily because of our inherent ability to meet customers’ needs. People in our group are very sensitive and customer-friendly about the complaints.