Hotels, being an integral user of kitchen equipment, has always been a critical area of importance for CKI. It has a vast array of products and services tailored to the needs of hotel clients. Most of our staff have been trained as professionals to work for Hospitality industry throughout their careers. We understand clients’ expectations, and make it our target to fulfill them in order to address the needs of hotels for the future of the industry.

CKI, being one of the critical industrial kitchen equipment manufacturer in India, has a wide range of hotel kitchen equipment that includes everything from freestanding ranges to custom fabricated island kitchens that complement myriad ‘personal cooking styles’ of chefs. We understand what is desired from a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer for hotels.

Much emphasis is given to the fact that every commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in India should fulfill the ultra-premium standards of establishments, while providing as much ease to chefs who operate or work with it.

Hotels being a complex and dynamic environments for kitchen designs, they demand flexible system architecture to facilitate change, and encourage the exchange of information and working. Even though having worked with small hotels across the country, CKI believes it has much to deliver. It aims at delivering services for Hotel Kitchen Projects and help them in their integration, enabling the successful programming, design and implementation of specialized fabricated kitchen equipment and kitchen appliances.

Over the years, we have served many hotels chains and have been, since, remained their preferred choice as the commercial kitchen equipments manufacturer in India. We cherish our relationship with Sarovar Portico, Hotel Arif Castles and Club Mahindra.